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Wire Fences and Bars for walls: The beginning of Sitela

Established in 1986, Sitela has set up a team of professionals linked to the production and assembly sector of wire fences and fences, seeking for excellence in assistance for its customers fully satisfaction, providing economy and safety with excellent quality.

Over these 20 years of working, the products and services offered by Sitela has provided the best enclosing solutions for works of all different sizes, coupling higher resistance to lower maintenance cost. The result of all these efforts is our current position, as one of the largest companies of this field in the whole country.

Achieving this success was only possible with the creation of innovative solutions and advantages as the choice of raw material and the development of advanced products, properly fitted to the most diverse situations. Further highlight is given for the punctuality at the delivery of materials in several regions of our country, besides the valuing provided by the Sitela products to any enterprise, through the nice finishing, safety and practicality.

Sitela offers the best in technology, precision and quality in common and tubing wire fences, concertinas, gates, protection for pallets cases, internal dividers for warehouse and toughened fences for the most diverse applications.


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