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Fences Easy Fence

Easiness and Mobility

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The Fences Easy Fence by Sitela offers a practical solution and a great cost x benefit for enclosing that need to have mobility in order to suit to spaces according to specific needs. Temporary enclosing, arks of mobile storage, organization of lines, division of sites, enclosing areas for parking, fairs and events are some of the useful things offered by this product. Easy to be assembled and easy to be repositioned.

- More enclosed and enhanced meshed by hardening creasing;
- Inferior supports with the same standard of the tubes;
- Any panel can be transformed in a gate;
- When disassembled it occupies the lowest volume possible, optimizing the existing space;
- Fixation hook of the simple canvas;
- Great cost x benefit.

Advantages - Easy to install;
- It can be easily repositioned;
- Modular, which allows overcoming gaps in the plots with steps;

Consulte outras possibilidades de malhas, fios e alturas diferentes de acordo com suas necessidades.

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