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Fences Defence

Security and Design

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The Fences Defence were developed in order to offer higher safety for enclosing areas as companies, industries, condominiums and residences. Its meshed of 50x50mm makes invaders climbing difficult and it doesn’t breaks the security system view. It is easy to install, bringing agility to your site, it also has an attractive visual due to its design.

Panel Features - Steel Panels according to the specifications above, manufactured with electrofusion process;
- Meshed of 50 x 50mm providing a higher safety avoiding climbing by invaders;
- Panels with 2,50m width, which results in higher economy in your site;
- Painted in polyester after the welding process and fixed at the amounts with nylon chestnuts and screws.

Advantages - Technical support for the installation;
- Development of special projects in partnership with architecture and engineering offices;
- Availability for painting in any color (by consultation);
- Product and raw material quality guarantee certificates;
- Positions in modules that facilitate the transportation and installation.

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