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Gerdau Boldrini

Tubing Pieces

Tubes Specifications Tubes manufactured in steel 1010/20 with thickness of 1,55mm, galvanized under fire with layer from 150 to 250 microns. Formed in tubular pieces and welded by ERW system. When it is painted, it is used the electrostatic painting process in polyester.

Attested Technical Rules

• NBR 5916/1990 – “Joint of steel mesh welded for concrete armor. Resistance test to the shear”;
• NBR 7399/2009 – “Steel product or galvanized iron cast by hot immersion. Check of the covering thickness by non destructive process”;
• NBR 7481/1990 – “Welded steel mesh – Armor for concrete”;

• NBR 8094/1983 – “Metallic material covered and non covered – Corrosion by exposition to the salty fog”;
• NBR 13284/1995 – “Preparation of sample bodies for metallographic analysis”;
• ASTM and 3/2001 - "Standard Guide for Preparation of Metallographic Specimens";
obs.: Evaluation reports and technical rules attested for line Sigradi